Schedule 21.04.2017


12.00 a.m.  1. Round Qualification
2 p.m.  2. Round Repechage
3.15 p.m.    3. Round Finale

Speed- Competition
1. Round - Qualification 3 Runs - First three go directly to the Finale. Place 6- 20 qualify for the Repechage.

2. Round - Repechage 2 Runs - Place 1 - 5 qualify for the Finale.
3. Round- Finale

Course: Circuit 1,2 km
1. Round- Qualification     3 Laps per Run
2. Round - Repechage  3 Laps per Run
3. Round - Finale               3 Laps

Schedule  22.04.2018

Start:          11.00 a.m.
Modus: Road Race
Distance :    46 km
Eligibility Requirements
Minimum age 18 years
- Participants start on own account and risk
- Organizers are exempted from liability towards participants or third party
- with reception of the race number participants accept the eligibility requirements

Competition Rules
Fixed Gear Bikes only
- no brakes
- no start without bike helmet
- drop bars
- min of 18 spokes
- no bottle cages at the saddle

Minimum Speed
For the Roadd Race a minimum speed of 35 km/h is required.
Participants who do not hold the predefined speed or are overtaken by the final vehicle must leave the race without a request.

The circuit is secured by police. The participants have to inform themselves independently about the course (notice / internet)
Despite shutoff
opposing vehicles have to be expected at any time.


1. day - single valuation male/female
2. day - single valuation male/female

Entry Fee
- one day 15,00 EUR
- both days 25,00 EUR
Each female participant can register a second female participant for free.
(Transponder fees have to be paid by each female seperately.)

Entry fees have to paid by 15.04.2017 to the bank account of the organizers.

Late registration:
Late registration will be charged with additional 10,00 EUR at the race day.

Transponder Rental Fee
10,00 EUR (one time)

!! Transponders have to be returned to organizers after the race. Otherwise 80,00 EUR will be charged !!

- Start numbers
- electronic time measurement
- Transponder rental
- secured route
- Result service
- initial medical care
- Noodle meal on Sunday

Participation fee:
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the competitions on Saturday and Sunday due to insufficient numbers of participants. In this case, already paid start-up funds will be repaid.
Number of participants:
Saturday: at least 20 / maximum 50 starters
Sunday: at least 30 starters